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Wholistic Women’s Weight Loss Program

Give us 6 weeks and we’ll give you change for a lifetime!*

The Wholistic Women’s Weight Loss Program ™ is a 6 week immersion program that addresses the two key components that all other weight loss programs lack and what’s necessary for healthy, sustainable weight loss, the mind and body.

The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry and there are more women now, more than ever, seeking weight loss solutions but the rate of obesity continues to climb, despite their efforts. The reason for this is that our society fails to connect our minds and bodies when searching for cures to illnesses and or solutions to weight loss problems. Treating the body alone without the mind or vice versa is proven time and again to be unsuccessful, resulting in a continual struggle and yo-yo dieting.

Our unique program treats the whole woman and puts an end to the weight loss struggle and the emotional ups and downs that accompany it. This comprehensive program will address all facets necessary to conquer your struggle confidently and provide the tools for life long success.

During your 6 week immersion program you will be compassionately cared for by three women’s specialists, a registered dietitian, a certified personal trainer and a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in eating behavior. These three specialists will guide you through your program and will each work with you in a specific area: Nutrition, Exercise and sorting out the emotional and behavioral component that accompanies a weight loss struggle.

This program requires a strong desire to succeed, an open mind, willingness to alter habits and change perceptions. *Results may vary from participant to participant.

Our Six Week Program Includes:

  • 6 One-on-One Personal Training Sessions
  • 12* Group Fitness classes OR bootcamp sessions
  • 4 private appointments with registered dietitian for health counseling
  • 4 private appointments with a licensed therapist
  • 6 weeks of organic whole food based supplementation
  • Personal daily food and meal planner, exercise log, and recipe ideas

*If you do not wish to participate in group fitness and prefer one-on-one training, the classes/bootcamps can be replaced with 6 more personal training sessions for an additional cost of $378.

The program fee is nonrefundable once it’s started. Please call the center at 267-613-8246 if you would like more information or have any additional questions about our program. We would be happy to assist you.

Insurance companies may or may not reimburse you for portions of this program. We can provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Program Fee: $759 – $1099 depending on insurance coverage. You may receive additional reimbursement

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What Clients Say

“I lost three dress sizes and I do NOT want them back.

I think the first dress size was attributable to Audrey and Katie, the dietician, who did nothing but support me throughout the past six weeks. Both of these ladies listened to me whine, but never gave in, they just gave me great advice! Kept my spirits up, and there is nothing like making Audrey smile and Katie wheeze with laughter! That first dress size was because for the first time in years, I walked with my head up…and that was in the first week!

The second dress size was due to my incredible community of workout leaders. What impressed me the most, was that every class I took was not about “cheating” or even coming close to “giving up” but it was about really trying and succeeding. I still cannot believe that I did four days in a row but the confidence every class gave me increased the belief that I could do just about anything. Thank you Shanella, Fran, and Kelsy.

And the last dress size, well I reserve it for my personal trainers. Kate, you said something about all or nothing, and you were right. You infused me with your enthusiasm and you gave me great confidence. You changed my perception of myself. Patrice never ever let me give up…in fact I think she relished the hard parts of my workout almost as much as I did. That is a great trainer! I not only retrained my body, but also my mind too. Thank you to Mel S. (therapist) who let me grieve, for the first time, the loss of my mother. I will always remember that gift!

I learned that food was not bad, that friends made here are priceless, and that you are never EVER alone.

Thank you all so much.”*

*Results may vary from participant to participant.


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