I vow to always give you ripe tomatoes

Today I had Greek food for lunch. I ordered a Greek salad with a side of hummus. Mmm, yummy. Ordinarily, a divine combo. I eat breakfast early and it was about 1:30pm, so I was already getting a little grumpy and looking forward to a good lunch. I looked down at my salad and saw a horrific thing, a tragedy of sorts, a foodie’s nightmare…unripe tomatoes. I know… Deflated with a capital “D!” I got to thinking, why, in a main salad, something SO spectacular as a GREEK salad, would someone serve unripe tomatoes?? It wasn’t some flimsy side salad. It was a “GREEK SALAD.” Greeks are legendary. Ya know, when I lived in NY my friend (who immigrated from Greece) and I would meet two nights a week. We’d hit the gym and afterwards walk across the street to this tiny Greek restaurant that was always packed. I’d order the same thing every time; a Greek salad and hummus. It was TO DIE FOR! Authentic as it gets. There was no lettuce, just big chunks of red, yellow and orange, perfectly vine ripened, room temperature (now that’s the way you eat a tomato!) tomatoes. Some red onion, cucumber, kalamata olives and feta. Heaven. We would sit there for about an hour or so, catching up on the daily drama that had occurred between our meetings. She would talk about her love life woes as we promised one another and ourselves we wouldn’t take one more bite of the steaming hot fresh baked pita bread. After every last bit of that toasty pita bread made its way into our bellies, we would give one another a cheek to cheek “kiss” goodbye, head out into the cold and go our separate ways.

 I’ve yet to find another restaurant who takes their tomatoes as seriously as that place back in NY. It’s been a sad experience for me to see lifeless, loveless tomatoes on my plate and on the plate of others I care about. If I don’t know you, it doesn’t bother me as much 🙂 , but anyway, if my lunch had nice ripe, room temperature tomatoes enlivening my salad I would eat lunch at that place as often as I could. They would have a customer for life! But nope, that’s not the way things went down today. Would it have really cost the restaurant THAT much more to buy good tomatoes? Wouldn’t the benefits of customer satisfaction far outweigh the perceived cost savings of buying crappy tomatoes? Wouldn’t one single repeat customer coming to your restaurant on a regular basis probably cover the costs and then some of mountains and mountains of ripe tomatoes? Are you listening to me for-crying-outloud, restaurant owners!?! *Sigh* Or, do people just not care that much about their tomatoes? Perhaps I’m over reacting. I don’t know. At any rate, it got me all worked up. I’m just sick of getting crappy tomatoes and now as a business owner I think about the importance of ripe ones more than ever before. With this new revelation, reincarnated at Wholistic Fitness, I vow to always give you nothing but the most ripe tomatoes. We vow to always provide:

 Dynamic and fun instructors, genuine practitioners who continually educate themselves and keep your best interest their #1 priority, soft toilet paper (now THAT is a ripe tomato), name brand tampons in the restroom (we’re shooting for a homerun with this ripe tomato!), good quality filtered water, impeccable cleanliness, only the most natural products from great companies with great values, timely appointments, privacy, cold fresh brewed tea when you’re hot and sweaty and warm tea when you’re cold. 🙂

We feel honored to have met so many great women in such a short period of time. The relationships we’ve been developing with you are so incredibly rewarding and keep us focused on our mission here and outside of the center. We’ve had lots of laughs and good times so far.  Here’s to many more years with you all!