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*Results may vary from participant to participant.

At a time in my life when I needed help getting stronger both mentally and physically I found Wholistics. I am feeling better able to cope with the events life has presented me. I am grateful I found them.
Evon, found support and coping methods at Wholistics*
I started with Wholistics in June because of the Pilates Performer classes and got a whole lot more. Paula, the instructor is a phenomenal, knowledgeable, and wonderful teacher. The gym itself is a great space to workout in and the staff is friendly, caring and extremely knowledgable. My daughter came along with me to a class then took advantage of the two week trial membership and tried all of the classes to find which classes worked best for her. She’s now committed to body sculpt, kixboxing and zumba. I came for the exercise for my health and got a bonus. I can now wear boots that are not extra, extra wide. I’m shrinking. Yes! Thanks, Wholistics.
Cheryl, came for Pilates and found much more!*
After a nine months of labs, scopes, and surgery to address mystery pelvic pain, it turns out physical therapy with Julie was all I needed. Pelvic floor dysfunction is not a well discussed topic, and had someone from the Wholistics community not referred me for therapy, I would still be in chronic pain. I had never heard of it before and never considered that my pain could be completely muscle related. After eight weeks of therapy, teaching my muscles to work with me not against me, as well as acupuncture with the lovely Kerri, my daily pain level has gone from an 8 to a 1. I thought I would never be able to hold a normal job or keep up with my social life, but now I’m job hunting again and out with friends. Julie emphasizes that she is teaching tools for life and that with the right tools you can control and manage your pain. I want to help her spread the word that you don’t have to be in pain, there is hope for even the most severe cases for pelvic pain. Some people may be concerned about working on something so personal with a stranger, but they will quickly see that not only is Julie a warm and caring person, but she is incredibly easy to talk to and won’t feel like a stranger for long. Thank you Julie and the rest of the Wholistics group for changing my life.
Emily, finds relief from months of chronic pelvic pain through physical therapy and acupuncture
May will mark a year from my first step into Wholistics. Where does one go when you are over 50 pounds overweight and completely out of shape with weak knees and a back that has a history of causing problems? Without a shadow of a doubt, Wholistics has all and more than anyone needs to reach their goals. Working with Kate and, on occasion Cathy, was the best investment I have ever made in myself. Kate was never condescending, always upbeat, supportive, extremely knowledgeable and possessed the ability to motivate me beyond anything I could have imagined. Now about 65 pounds lighter and, more importantly, way healthier the entire team at Wholistics are continuing to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is true this journey I have been on has taken a lot of personal will power and strength and I believe that one truly needs to commit to the time and investment involved; however, I also believe that finding the right place and people to help you through is extremely important. Kate and her team at Wholistics was the place for me and I believe is the place for anyone that desires to obtain a healthier lifestyle and healthier you.*Results may vary from participant to participant.
Vicky, loses 65 lbs and shares her amazing weight loss journey with us*
This cleanse was nothing like what I expected. My hope was to eliminate the gall bladder pain I was feeling due to a gall stone, and to get back to healthy eating habits. My doctor agreed that this was a good approach to try before scheduling surgery (the other doc in the practice had already recommended surgery, after an ultrasound came back).

My result has been wonderful. I was never hungry. The food was tastey- and much like the way I want toeat (and at one time had approached – but never got quite here). The shake texture did take me a few days to get used to, but I used a bendy straw and that helped. After a few days, I craved them! Just like people said! I still do.

My gall pain is gone. My energy was good before – but now my coworkers call me “punchy” and appreciate the fact that my sense of humor has returned. My meetings are more enjoyable, apparently.

Here are the bonus benefits:
weight loss – i think i’m sexy at any weight so this wasn’t a goal – but heck, i’ll take it! my face is back!
and speaking of face – the rosacia in my cheeks and nose is gone. there must be an allergy! i’ll discover that on “reintroduction” phase.
i’m allergic to garlic! but not garlic powder (or maybe not as much? i’ll be testing).
i’m a believer in muscle testing – thanks to the Accupuncturist who tested me for the cleanse – i’m curious now about accupuncture and will consider this service when needed in future.

This was a wonderful easy experience. I never got symptoms the first few days – or if i did, i was too sick to notice. The email notes were very helpful, as was the email respondent – she answered my early questions. This group has been wonderful especially Mel’s recipes and Gail’s insights – and of course the support from everyone including but not limited to Audrey, Cathy, Kate- who am i missing? I’ve started with Katie, the nutritionist at WF. If you have health insurance, this may be a free benefit for you, so I advise you to make the time. Katie is a lovely woman and this is a great follow up for me, maybe others as well.

This totally exceeded my expectation – and was the transition i needed to get back to the healthy life I want to have as an empty nester. And who knows, if this continues, maybe other people will notice (as I do) how sexy i am at any weight. The world measures calories and pounds and inches. But WF cares about the health of the whole person. Character. Indeed, it is the theme running through every interaction I’ve had at WF. whether class, or cleanse, or muscle testing, or nutrition counseling. Or even just a chat with a friend, old and new. What a great place. Thank you WF.

Maggie C, clears gallbladder pain, lethargy, rosacia and loses body fat after exercising, acupuncture, health counseling and the cleanse!*
Before the cleanse I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable all the time. My diet wasn’t bad, but I supplemented with lots of sugary treats, always available at work and any carb that I could find an excuse to eat. I drank too much alcohol and didn’t exercise at all, sort of using asthma and plantar fasciitis as an excuse. I finally took the plunge into the cleanse, thinking I would lose a little weight and could start moving again. I kick started it with a Thai Vedic Bodywork session with Beth, who turned my feet into happy little pillows! I was recharged and ready to do it! Down 15 pounds I feel amazing and I can’t wait to walk the dog everyday! I eat all day and am enjoying heathy food I didn’t think I liked! As I type this I am at lunch eating a delicious bowl of “Kate” soup, not even minding the 2 trays of cookies and a chocolate cake next to me… For real!
Gail H, lost 15lbs with group fitness classes and the cleanse*
“Training with the girls at Wholistics has been the best move I could have done for my health. Exercise and Commitment are two words normally for me that would never define me! I have been training with them for the last 7 months and never felt better. I never stayed this long with any program before which is a testament to them. I get up early 3x a week and look forward to each workout. I know each one is carefully planned out and always new and different to keep me motivated. They focuses on mind and body and always lends encouragement for me to meet by goals. I have worked out in gyms, tried weight loss programs and even had personal trainer before but I never found success until now. Their knowledge and commitment for all their clients has earned them bragging rights! They are true professionals who care for the well being of all their clients. I also realized having female trainers can be beneficial to meet my needs mentally and physically. I most recently tried their cleanse which I have to admit I was skeptical. I went on this 21 day venture and lost 8 pounds. It was just what my body needed to clean out all the toxins that were blocking my success. The first 3 days are difficult as you try to adjust to prepare your meals and figure out what will work for you but then, as told to me, you will adjust and feel great as you complete the program. Friends and family could not believe my determination . My son joked with me … Mom, when will you eat REAL food again. But, you see all along it is REAL food but a different way to manage what you’re putting into your body. I highly recommend Wholistics! *Results may vary from participant to participant.
Paula F, 52, loses 8lbs with personal training and the cleanse*
On my way to great health after an Acupuncture treatment with Kerri! What a caring sensitive individual looking out for my health.. Thanks Kerri!
Theresa M, is on her way to great health after Acupuncture treatments*
Thank you Wholistics and everything you do for us daily. I’m so glad I saw your sign back in July…You have definitely changed my health and life. I’m loving the positive results that I am seeing daily within myself!
Janet K, sends us a nice thank you!*
Ok Wholistics, my results are in from the detox…I lost 9lbs, 2 ” off my waist and hips and an inch off each thigh and chest (yeh- like I needed to lose that inch). I also went down 3.5% in body fat. Since my clean eating and exercising I have lost a total of 15 lbs. & many inches. My pants either fit me great, ones that were too tight OR they are falling off of me…just ask Kate because I’m constantly pulling them up in class. Thank you for all the support and I’ll see you Monday for some muscle building TRX!!*Results may vary from participant to participant.

Janet K, loses 15lbs, 3.5% bodyfat and several inches after exercise, cleansing and creating new healthy habits.*
Acupuncture treatments I’ve been receiving for the past several weeks have made a noticeable improvement in both my arthritis and sinus issues. I was skeptical about acupuncture in general and how a group session would work. Glenda does a wonderful job of answering questions and making one comfortable. The group session is really very personal. Although you are with a few others, the time with Glenda is one on one. The environment is so relaxing I find myself dozing most of the time! The staff at Wholistics are friendly and welcoming, and I am looking forward to taking advantage of more programs.
Rosemary S, has significant improvement of arthritis and sinus problems with acupuncture*
I’m a grandmother and caregiver. Unfortunately for me, the winter of 2011 was becoming very challenging, my quality of life was declining and every time I sought medical help, including a couple of trips to the emergency room in desperation, I would emerge with yet another vile of an addictive something! I noted an ad that I read on one of the local flyers and decided to go to Wholistics for acupuncture… it was like a miracle! I was able to do things that I haven’t in months, the pain has subsided and I’m getting on with my daily routine, in much better spirits. Thank you to the wonderful team at Wholistics.
Martha M, gets relief from pain and addictions with acupuncture when nothing else worked*
“You’ve fostered such an incredibly open, friendly, supportive community of strong women. (And you wonder why we never want to leave!) I feel so happy and safe as soon as I go through those doors and know that the next time I walk through them on the way out that I will not be the same. I’ll be stronger physically after hitting some bags/hanging off TRX straps/training with Kate, or lifting weights or bootcamping with Cathy. I’ll be on my way to healthier choices after a meeting with Katie. I’ll feel calm and relaxed after a session with Kerri. I’ll feel mentally relieved and optimistic after a session with Christine. I always leave a better person than I was an hour earlier, and that’s amazing.

I can think of no other place that offers the opportunity to do all that. I’m so grateful to have this second home and these people in my life.”

Audrey, finds a whole new world of support within our walls*
I love the Wholistics bootcamp! The most important thing that I have learned through boot camp is that I just had to get started. It sounded so crazy at first to get up early to work out; but when I am finished that hour I can hardly believe what I have accomplished
Tracey can hardly believe her bootcamp accomplishments!*
“I really enjoy the variety of different exercises. I am happier and have much more energy. I can feel the difference in my muscles just when I cross my arms which gives me more confidence in my appearance. I just finished my first 5K and I don’t think I ever would have thought that I could do that, until participating in the Wholistic Fitness bootcamp.
Jonelle gains energy and was able to complete her first 5K with the help of bootcamp!*
“I loved the personalized aspects of the program! It truly focused on the specific needs I possessed at the time. The therapeutic component was crucial for me, as well as the nutritional and physical aspects. It has empowered me to utilize healthy coping skills and to have a positive relationship with food. The personal training and group classes were and continue to be awesome. Absolutely has been a fantastic journey and I continue to utilize the services post the 6 week duration!” *Results may vary from participant to participant.
Kelly, loved the personalized approach of the Wholistic Women's Weight Loss Program*
“Prior to coming to Wholistics and meeting Kate I worked out with a personal trainer for almost 4 years. I was very active and in addition to personal training I participated in as many as 4 to 5 classes a week from Spinning to Cross Fit in addition to training for events. While I felt fit and strong, I thought my exterior did not quite reflect how hard I was training as I had not experienced any weight or inch loss during that period. I am 5’3 and went from a size 8 to a size 6 and plateau. For a long time I thought that was as good as it was going to get and I would never regain the body I maintained until my early 30s. 

As a result of a job change I moved to PA and I started looking for a personal trainer or a gym that catered to a smaller clientele. During my second week in the area I discovered Wholistics and I liked the concept of a practice geared towards women and our unique needs. 

At my initial visit I was offered a consultation with Kate for personal training and after the first meeting I knew I found the trainer for me. It became immediately apparent that Kate is very personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of fitness. She paid close attention to my concerns and goals and got to work on my case immediately. Kate guided me on the dos and don’ts of fitness and actually cut back my workout schedule since it turns out I was over training. As result of the changes to my routine I overcame several injuries that had bothered me for a long time. Kate also shared nutritional advice with me and soon after I began to implement the suggestions and information she provided, I started to notice a transformation. 

After a few months of training with Kate 2 to 3 times a week I began losing inch after inch and in less than two years I experienced a physical transformation I was convinced was no longer possible for me. I am in better physical condition now than when I was in my 20’s and I gained an even better body than I had in my younger years. I went from a size 6/8 to a size 0/2 and the benefits of training with Kate extended beyond my appearance. I gained healthier eating and fitness habits and I am healthier, stronger, happier and more confident than I ever thought possible. 

During the time I have trained with Kate I have witnessed how much preparation she puts into each training session and each session varies to meet specific targets. Nothing is random, everything is well thought out; she is prepared, has a plan, tracks my progress, takes detailed notes and continues to challenge me with each workout. She can even tell me on the spot how my performance in a specific exercise tracks against previous sessions! And if that was not enough, she has an incredible sense of humor which makes working out with her fun. I find myself laughing out loud during our sessions even though I am out of breath and sweating profusely. For me training with Kate is not an option, is part of living a healthy life. 

Besides training with Kate, I take a few classes a week and I cannot say enough positive things about the other instructors and the rest of the staff. They make classes challenging and fun but more impressive is that they posses a great awareness of each participant’s ability and will adjust a routine as needed. Their end goal is to provide participants with a positive experience and encourage them to improve their health safely. 

Wholistics offers a positive and friendly environment for women that makes you look forward to working out, catching up and having fun with a community of great and supportive ladies.” *Results may vary from participant to participant.
Lynda, overcomes a long time weight loss plateau through personal training and group fitness classes!*
In order to properly describe my experience with the cleanse, it is necessary to explain my diet prior to starting the 21-day program. I started my day with a diet coke, breakfast was some sort of tasty baked good, followed by some more diet coke .Lunch consisted of a sandwich with chips and another diet soda. Dinner was either from a drive-thru or some frozen item from the grocery store. My diet rarely had any items that came directly from a tree or the ground. When I needed a little more energy, I simply had more diet coke. While that was my diet for the previous 6 months, I have always been overweight and struggled with weight loss/gain.

I was hesitant to begin the cleanse, as it was going to be a drastic change to my usual meal plan. I decided to give it a shot and see what happened. The first three days, I was met with caffeine withdraw headaches. I was expecting them and, admittedly, they were not as bad as I had anticipated. It was more of a dull ache that was tolerable. I was anxious for day four. I had every intention of jumping out of bed with boundless energy. This was not the case; day four was like the first three. It was the end of day five when I realized the benefits of the cleanse. I noticed, that did not need to take my nightly dose of antacids and sleep aids. I wasn’t feeling any symptoms of heartburn and I was actually sleepy. Once I noticed the first positive effects, I realized the benefits had been there since day one. My entire time on the plan I did not have any heartburn and slept through the night without waking.

My biggest fear was never realized. I was afraid I would be terribly hungry and have cravings for all of my favorite foods. I was surprisingly full after each shake. Trying to make sure I always had more vegetables than fruit, there were days, I was actually tired of eating. Never in my life had I ever been tired of eating. In fact, the craving monster that often took over my mind, disappeared for 21 days. So, let me cut to the big question…… much weight did I lose?? The final tally was 19 pounds. I was quite shocked, but thrilled. I was able to keep away from the scale until the 22ndday. I think this was added motivation.

The booklet provided by Standard Process was very helpful. The recipes and lists of foods were always useful when heading to the grocery store. Planning is key, but not overwhelming. As long as you have the ingredients for he shakes as well as approved foods for dinners and snacks, it was not a chore to eat within the guidelines.

I would highly recommend anyone try the Standard Process cleanse. The cleanse allows you to finally hear what your body has been telling you. *Results may vary from participant to participant.

Kristen G, lost 19lbs , finally sleeps through the night and cures heartburn with personal training and the cleanse*
I have been meeting with Katie for about 2 months now. Katie has helped me learn the proper way to eat to get my diabetes under control and taught me how to continue eating healthy to stay alive and have more energy. Katie has such a nice way of presenting things that are positive and motivational. She truly cares about her clients and does all she can to help them stay motivated. I love her honesty and genuine concern. This is honestly the first time I’ve kept to a healthy food plan. So far I’ve lost almost 17 lbs.Thank you Katie!!! *Results may vary from participant to participant.
Gale P, lost 17lbs with health counseling*
My husband and I tried for over 2 years to conceive, and after spending countless hours and thousands of dollars with doctors, infertility specialists, and tests, we decided to just stop everything and give acupuncture a try. I was shocked to see that after just a few weekly treatments with acupuncturist Glenda my cycle became completely regular, and after a short 2 and a half months my husband and I were ecstatic to learn that we were expecting! From seeing the success acupuncture had, I continued my appointments into my pregnancy. They not only helped us become pregnant, but eased many of the “not-so-good” symptoms (nausea, morning sickness, exhaustion, swelling, back pain, headaches, etc). Having a completely healthy, low-risk pregnancy helped us decide to move forward with a home birth, and acupuncture will be used to ensure we don’t miss our due date (August 17, 2012!) and to help ease labor and recovery. A HUGE thank you to Wholistic Fitness, and especially Glenda!
Michelle O, conceives of her first child with Acupuncture after two years of trying*
I started the cleanse due to multiple complaints such as heartburn/indigestion, fatigue, joint pain, weight gain in spite of increased work-outs, and headaches. Although the first 10 days without lean proteins were pretty difficult, I learned to try new veggies and found I actually enjoy mushrooms (totally new food for me!)!!….Everyone said, “You’re crazy, this is a terrible time to do this!” but truly, it made me really think about everything I put in my mouth during this season of gluttony! After my initial included acupuncture treatment I kept up appointments with Kerri and loved the support she gave me and how good I felt after each session. I’m happy to say I lost 11.2 pounds and 2 1/2 inches on my waist. The most remarkable thing I noticed was (after the initial detox, about 4 days) my energy and lack of fatigue. I had no discernible joint pain during my workouts for the entire 3 weeks. I’m not completely headache or heartburn free, but as good as I felt for the past 3 weeks I plan to continue making cleanse choices.*Results may vary from participant to participant.
Suzanne K, loses 11.2 pounds and 2.5 inches, cures fatigue and joint pain with exercise, the cleanse and acupuncture treatments*
Kate is a wonderful, gentle woman with tons of knowledge about how to stay fit, lose and/or maintain weight. She works at your pace and never makes you feel like you are too ‘anything’ (slow, out of shape, big . . .). I’m amazed how comfortable I am with her. I was never the kind of person who exercised a lot and now I look forward to our workouts.
Kate F, shares her personal training experience*
I have been training with Kate for over a year now and would highly recommend her. She is extremely professional and educated regarding her approach to training. She is able to tailor workouts that are challenging while always modifying if necessary. Kate is an extremely positive person which makes each session enjoyable. I never realized how beneficial it would be to have a trainer who is also a woman until I found Kate. Kate has motivated me to develop myself as a healthy person and I am grateful to have found her. Kate is also willing to discuss nutrition, meditation and healthy lifestyles. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer. She is the best!!!
Deb L, a long time personal training client shares her experience*
About 18mos ago I decided I needed to make a change and improve my health. I’d long been one of those with a gym membership that had not been in the gym in months.
I decided to give Bootcamp a try and I’ve become addicted to it ever since. Cathy pushes us all very hard but she also knows each of our limitations very well. so she knows just how far to push us all so we get a great workout. I am so much stronger, healthier, self confident and happier with myself. I thank and credit Cathy for helping me get to where I am today and pushing me to be where I want to be tomorrow.
Ellen H, becomes stronger, healthier and more self confident after attending our bootcamps*
Acupuncture with Keri has restored movement and relieved the pain from chronic tendonitis in my shoulder. Two months ago I came to Keri hoping she could help with a very sore shoulder. I had limited range of motion affecting my ability to do my job as a registered nurse. Prior to meeting Keri I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who injected me with steroids, relief only lasting a few weeks at most As a nurse I knew all too well the pain associated with surgery as well as months of rehabilitation and did not want to consider this. To make a long story short by the time I found Keri I had difficulty sleeping and could not raise my left arm up past a 45 degree angle. After my first acupuncture treatment I had a remarkable improvement with range of motion and strength. Not only is my shoulder feeling better but my neck has less pain and the quality of my sleep has improved. Keri has used several techniques along with the acupuncture that has restored my mobility and general happy outlook on life! Thank you Keri you are truly talented.
- Anne C restores movement and relieves pain from chronic tendonitis in her shoulder with acupuncture*
“I was experiencing muscle and joint pain, depression and stress related symptoms including overeating. I knew some about acupuncture and decided to give it a try. Glenda is an excellent acupuncturist who listens to your concerns and provides acupuncture which is pretty painless, relaxing and has done much over the last three months to improve the symptoms I was experiencing and increase my sense of well being. She is well qualified in the science and art of acupuncture. As a nurse-practitioner and professor I would feel very comfortable recommending Glenda for acupuncture treatment.
Pam P, relieves symptoms of depression, food cravings, muscle and joint pain with acupuncture*
I have been training with Cathy for about a year and a half. When I first met with her, I was in a slump. It was hard to get motivated to work out. Cathy helped me get back on track. Every workout is different, she has never repeated a routine (hard to imagine, I know). She has taught me great form that has carried over to any type of exercise I do. Along with her exercise expertise, she is upbeat and has a way of pushing me. I am so pleased with my results and am looking forward to continuing to getting stronger and maintaining good health.
Thanks for showing me the way!!
Lisa B, finds new motivation and pushes herself to new fitness levels with personal training*
Cathy is a fabulous trainer. She puts together a bootcamp 3x per week that is challenging for each fitness level, by giving personal attention. As a beginner, I take advantage of some modifications, and at the end of the session I feel amazing. After one boot camp, I noticed changes to my energy level and to the way I look and feel. I notice that Cathy also challenges those in class who have been attending for a year – which is very motivating as well. Cathy consistently provides a challenging workout while keeping it fresh and fun. And after trying other programs, I found one that is working and fun! I honestly just wanted some stress relief and extra energy – what I got was enough energy to tackle my “to do” list on the house, and a belief that I can stick with this class and that it can deliver what it takes to get me back in shape and take off the pounds. When I start a chore like “paint the trip on the front door” and end up continuing along to paint the whole front door, I say a little prayer of gratitude for you Cathy. Thanks for the energy and the positive attitude all day!! 🙂
Maggie finally finds new motivation and a workout that works with our bootcamps*
Love it! It is challenging, but you can work at your own pace. It is also nice to have the camaraderie of being in a group. I have become more confident in myself, not only through the weight loss, but also by challenging my self during bootcamp and conquering them. Also, getting on track to a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.
K.B. gains more confidence after challenging herself with bootcamp sessions*