Client Spotlight: Meet Candice!

We love to spotlight our clients and their wonderful progress here at the center! They make us so proud. We see all sort of journeys taken and everyone has a different story, but each one touches us in some way.

Meet Candice! She’s been a client at the center for the past year and has incorporated pilates reformer training, group classes, nutrition, and acupuncture into her wellness routine.  She keeps all of us at the center smiling every time she comes in. She has a great spirit and just lights up the room when she comes in.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself in a few sentences? 

My family – my focus – is my husband, my daughter and my son.  We’re a very close knit family.  Over the years, I’ve worked as a Graphic Artist, a sign maker for the city of Philadelphia and am currently working as an Administrative Assistant for a financial software company in King of Prussia.  My favorite activity – when I’m not at Wholistics- is being a tour guide at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Tell us a brief description of what prompted you to get serious about your health, how far you’ve come in your fitness journey and how long you’ve been working at it?

Several years ago, I took off 40 lbs.  It was inevitable that weight can creep back when you get too comfortable with your lifestyle.  I knew that if I was going to be successful at weight loss this time,  I would need a lifestyle change that I could live with and maintain.  Since Sept 2015, I’m down 24 lbs and almost 2 dress sizes.  And it feels GREAT.

I have a difficult time rewarding myself  for my successes.  It’s the first time in many years that I’ve felt positive about my self image. Accepting the changes – both good and not so good, continue on as part of the healthy journey.

What does a typical week look like for you with regards to your exercise routine and how do you find the time!?
Exercise is very important – I strive to get in one structured exercise routine a week (thanks Paula) and walking whenever and wherever I can.  I walk up extra floors to get to the restrooms at work, take the long way to the printer, and take the stairs whenever possible.  I also sneak in an short walk with the dogs before I head out to work.

How has your diet changed over the years?
I read food labels and am more conscious of my food choices.  I still eat junk food – on occasion – because you can’t deny what sometimes is overwhelming craving.  But I balance and when I fall off the good wagon, I pull up and start over again.

What does your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner look like?
Typical breakfast is proteins such as eggs and mid morning is oatmeal and fruit.  Lunch is this great vegetable soup I discovered years ago, a half sandwich or salad with light dressing, sugar free pudding snack and some protein like nuts and dried fruits.  Dinner is a challenge because coming in from work – I’m not a good cook.  Fish, potatoes and some frozen veggies.  (I’m not creative)

How do you eat healthy at restaurants or when socializing?
I eat before I go to parties so I’m not overly hungry when I arrive and at restaurants, I typically look for the basics- without extras like gravies and sauces to help keep the calorie count lower.
What is your favorite indulgence and how often do you allow yourself to indulge?My most favorite indulgence is a fresh Bagel or whole grain bread.  I don’t need the butter or creamcheese.  The bread can stand alone.  I treat about once a week.
Is the journey always hard or after you stick with it for it a while, does it get easier?
The journey has gotten easier.  It’s an experiment.  You eat well, you lose weight, you feel better.  Repeat…. again… and again.

How has Wholistics played a role in your journey and what would you tell others about your experience here?
I credit Wholistics with showing me that I have the power to make the changes I need to be healthy. I like the facility and the staff.  It’s comfortable, clean and nurturing and have recommended it to my friends.

What part of your accomplishments are you most proud of and how long did it take?
24+ pounds in about 10 months.  Participating in Pilates – I’ve gone from the curvy fit in jeans to the Classic look!!!  wahoo!

What is your favorite physical activity?

What’s your favorite healthy go-to snack?
Pistachios and Walnuts/ Dried mango slices

What advice would you give someone who might have a lot of work ahead of them to reach their fitness goals?
To not worry about that you may not be progressing as quickly as you had hoped.  Achieving small steps leads to the end goal.